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Burnin' Karma

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We've all heard it many times before, whether we choose to remember it or not. There are two types of people in this world, those who hoard their karma, save it, hide it under a bushel, never take it out to show their friends, afraid it will be lost or broken. And then there's the other type ...the ones who feel deeply that it should be set free, passed around, driven off a cliff occasionally ...and yes, dare I say, even ignited whenever possible.

Can't remember who said it first...Confucius, Teddy Roosevelt or maybe it was William Borroughs, "Some of us are born to greatness while others have it thrust upon us." Well, thankfully neither of these apply to Burnin' Karma.

What does apply is that Burnin' Karma is a band from Northeast Ohio, formed by musicians with real world experience. They have played Blues, Rock, Funk, Pop, Punk, You name it. The rumour is these guys know how to play. When they are performing you can tell that they love it, and they make people move. I'm talking real rump shakin'. You know, like when the place gets hot and people start taking their clothes off. They thrive on performing all genre's of music (with extra emphasis on the nineties and this century) to fit any occasion for anyone in the market for a good time.

Burnin' Karma is currently playing clubs around Northeastern Ohio and at every show fans and club patrons clamor about the diversity of music and the high-energy performance. Convinced these guys are good? Well then, why don't you book them into your fine drinkin' establishment.

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